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Czech Dental Treatment News
February 2014:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 01-02-2014

We have teamed up with one of the Czech Republic's top health clinics and are now also organizing medical examinations for international patients.
Czech republic medical examination for international medical patients


Czech Dental Treatment News
March 2011:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 10-03-2011

We have extended our czech dentists database to more czech dentists throughout the czech republic


Czech Dental Treatment News
January 2010:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 01-01-2010

Happy New Year to dental patients worldwide !!!


Czech Dental Treatment News
August 2009:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 10-08-2009

Please book 3 months in advance


Czech Dental Treatment News
May 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 5-05-2006

Our attic appartments accommodation for dental patients now have a broadband internet connection, dvd palyer with selection of DVDs


Czech Dental Treatment News
October 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 13-10-2006

We now offer the following entertainment, free time and leisure options to dental patients during their stay in Kromeriz and Zlin:

- Golf - there are three golf clubs within 25/40 miles of Kromeriz.
One of them is right near Zlin. One in Olomouc and the third
near Brno ( Austerlitz )

- Day trip to Krakow - Auschwitz concentration camp.
- Day trip to Vienna
- Week-end or 2 day trip to Prague
- Wine tasting evenings in Pete's kitchen
- Slivovitz tasting evenings in Pete's kitchen

- Classic concerts at Kromeriz castle ( about twice a month the local philharmonic play great music )

- Target shooting in Pete's garden with air rifles, and air guns - or at the local shooting range

- Flights over Kromeriz in ultralight airplanes
- Night tours to the many local 'naugthy night clubs'
- Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the local discos

- Evenings out at the Zlin or Olomouc casinos for Black Jack and Roulette

- Meals at Mexican, Asian, Greek, Cinese or even Czech restaurants

- Afternoons lounging around in some local pub drinking probably the best beer in the world

- ...and last but not least - professional dental treatment, which believe it or not can be more fun than you would think.

Czech Dental Treatment News
September 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-09-2006
A small group of dental patients who have been in Kromeriz and Zlin already and come back several times a year just for fun are going to invest in a restaurant / piano bar project for Kromeriz, with the intent of setting up a bar / restaurant / meeting point for all future dental patients who come to Kromeriz.
This will mean a vast selection of drinks and food that up to now were hard to find in Kromeriz, top service with a smile, and above all, late opening hours where dental patients who come over to Kromeriz can sit and drink and chat until early in the morning.
Sounds completely disconnected from dental treatment holidays but in fact is the missing link to making a person's dental holiday in Kromeriz even better.
Updates, pics and opening date of THE CLUB, will be posted in due course.

Czech Dental Treatment News
July 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 20-07-2006
After more than one year, dental treatment prices have been increased slightly to keep up with rising costs of dental materials.
Which is nothing compared to the thousands of pounds or Euro one saves compared to having your teeth repaired in the UK, Ireland or Scotland.
The good news is that the new prices will now remain the same for the next year and a half - to the end of 2007.

Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-07-2006
One dental patient who has been in Kromeriz several times has just bought a house in Kromeriz ( and he doesn't need any more dental treatment ! .. go figure)


Czech Dental Treatment News
April 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 25-04-2006
And folks - this is news with a capital 'N'.
I - Pete - who organize all this dental treatment stuff here have finally myself received a brand new dental implant.
So now I am part of the Implant Club and now really know what I'm going on about when talking about implants.

[ see the dental treatment price list  at the implants section for my complete description of my implant surgery experience - which turned out not to be as bad as I had feared.]


Czech Dental Treatment News
March 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 29-03-2006
International dental patients now have the option to come over for a one day visit without much prior notice.
One day warning is enough.
These initial exploratory visits are useful if you can't get an x-ray from your dentist, think that Czech dentists have two heads or you don't know what exactly you need doing, and also to check out the dentists, our organization service and above all to get a good dental plan and maybe a better second opinion.
With cheap daily Ryanair flights from Stansted to Brno, this is a very viable option to start with.
The actual dental costs for such a visit which includes a panoramic x-ray are
Czech Crowns 2400
Euro 86
UK Pounds 60

Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-03-2006
We now work with 4 dentists.
2 in Kromeriz and two in Zlin.
This means that the waiting period for dental appointments which was already very short has now been declassified as to almost no waiting period.
We can now organise your dental appointment with one of our four dentists within 10 days.

Czech Dental Treatment News: 01-03-2006
Superb accommodation in Kromeriz reserved only for our dental patients now consist of two attic apartments with satellite tv and fridge-bar and one garden apartment.
No check-out deadline on day of departure and cheaper than decent Kromeriz pensions and hotels.


Czech Dental Treatment News
February 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 25-02-2006
Best exchange rate in Kromeriz for foreign currencies if you're here for dental treatment. Ask Pete and save a fortune.
[ Euro, US Dollars, Pounds Sterling ]

Czech Dental Treatment News
January 2006:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 05-01-2006
Happy new year.
We are back after the Christmas holidays and taking dental appointments for the year 2006.


Czech Dental Treatment News
September 2005:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 13-09-05:
We now have a telephone number dedicated to giving out information about our dental organization services, about the dental treatment costs, the dentists and anything you, the prospecting dental patient, may want to ask us directly.

Czech Dental Treatment News: 12-09-05:
We now give you a Czech mobile phone sim card, so that you can use this to make calls in and out of the Czech Republic and save a fortune on phone bills. Before you leave you just return the sim card.
Phoning this way you save up to 90% of what you would spend if using your country phone provider's card.

Czech Dental Treatment News: 10-09-05:
A photo gallery of past dental patients to Zlin and Kromeriz has been added to show you just how much fun a dental treatment holiday in the Czech Republic can be.

Czech Dental Treatment News: 02-09-05:
Due to the overwhelming demand for dental treatment in Kromeriz and Zlin - We now work with three Czech dentists.
Two dentists are in Kromeriz and one dentist is in Zlin.

Czech Dental Treatment News
August 2005:

Czech Dental Treatment News: 15-08-05:
Ryanair now flies to Brno from Stansted the whole year round - Brno is 65 km from Kromeriz and 95 km from Zlin.
Many of our dental patients use this option for getting here.

Czech Dental Treatment News:01-08-05:
How to check out if the quality of our Czech dental treatment organization service is as good as we say it is ?
When we receive credible requests from prospecting dental visitors and feel that these are seriously intent on coming over to the Czech Republic to get dental treatment - we now release e-mail and phone contact details of patients who have been here recently.
These are persons from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Switzerland and Italy.
You can then ask them anything regarding our service, how the organization of dental treatment appointments works and also about the dentists.

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