Taxi costs in the Czech Republic
For Moravia, Zlin and Kromeriz

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Taxi service prices for airport pickup in Prague, Brno, Vienna and elsewhere to either Zlin, Kromeriz or anywhere in Moravia.


Czech Taxi costs:

Brno, Prague and Vienna
airports to Kromeriz or Zlin

Brno Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 1.450 / Euro 52 / £ 36

Brno Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 2.150 / Euro 77 / £ 54

Prague Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 4.900 / Euro 175 / £ 122

Prague Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 5.600 / Euro 200 / £ 140

Vienna Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 4.300 / Euro 154 / £ 107

Vienna Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 5.000 / Euro 178 / £ 125

These prices include a reasonable waiting
time by the driver as in flight delays or similar.
Any waiting time over 2 hours will be charged extra
at Czech Crowns 150 / Euro 5 / £ 3,6 for each hour

If you are coming to Zlin or Kromeriz for dental treatment and need an airport pickup, we can book and organize the taxi for you.

Most dental patients arrive at Brno airport and get picked up by our taxi driver. Others prefer to arrive at Vienna airport, and others even Prague.

Those who wanted some adventure and thought it was going to be easy in finding the train or bus stations, buy a ticket, and then get to the right platform and catch the right bus or train regretted it.
If you don't speak at least some Czech, then comunicating with train station ticket counter operators can be more painful than having a tooth extracted.

And if you are going to be saving thousands of Euro in getting your teeth repaired in the Czech Republic, then do yourself a favour and don't start your dental visit by saving a few Euro but starting on the wrong foot and getting stressed and irritated by the ridiculously complex task of getting public transport here when one does not speak Czech.

It is not worth the bother.