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This section describes how to request the dental treatment assistance services that we offer to anyone in need of dental treatment in the Czech Republic in Kromeriz or Zlin and would like to be assisted.

We now work with four dentists.
Two in Zlin and two in Kromeriz and depending on which one has available dental appointment time we will get your treatment booked with that dentist.

All four dentists are experts in their field which ranges from Implantology, metal ceramic bridges, crowns, bone grafts and dental chirurgy and surgery.

There are now daily flights - even during the winter - back and forth from Stansted (UK) to Brno with Ryanair.
Brno is 65 / 90 km from Kromeriz / Zlin. (1 hour by taxi)
Most of our Irish, Scottish and UK dental patients use these flights and patients from other worldwide destinations also fly to Stansted and then to Brno from there


To receive our organization of dental treatment
appointment services assistance the procedure is as follows:

1 ]
If you haven't already, please check out the
dental treatment services description and price list:
Czech dental treatment services and price list.


1b ]
To make life easier for you - here below is
a link to a printer friendly page which contains:
Dental tretament costs
Dental treatment appointment organization fee recap
Details on how to go about booking your appointment
Information on how to get to Kromeriz / Zlin
and other useful information for getting a new smile.
Printable page ---> Dental tretament in the Czech Republic information

2 ]
Visit your local dentist and get him to explain to you all the technicalities and his costs (for your own comparison) of the work you need done.
You don't have to tell him that you're going elsewhere to save money.
We suggest you do tell him.
If your dentist is honest (and I would not bet a penny on this one) and fair she will understand your need to save money but will still offer useful advice and a correct analysis of what you need doing.
Also, please try to get hold of a panoramic x-ray of your teeth.

Unfortunately, we have since discovered that many UK and Irish dentist hate to be told that their patients are going elsewhere to get much better, more humane, faster and cheaper dental treatment.
In some cases these same dentists have refused to give the patient their x-rays which the patient had already paid for.

You should be aware of the fact that if your local dentist has
done an x-ray on you - and you have paid for it - the dentist is OBLIGED by law to submitting that x-ray to you.
No buts, no excuses, nothing else than handing it over !

If paid for - the actual x-ray belongs to you and you are free to take it away.
We are talking about digital panoramic x-rays which can be copied, given to you and the dentists still keeps the original.
This is stated because we have heard that UK dentists say that by law they are required to keep your x-ray on record for 2 years.
Fine - if it's digital, there is no reason for them to give you a copy.
If it's not digital, there is no reason for your dentists to develop two copies of x-ray on film and give you one.
If he refuses - you have the right to report him to the UK / Scottish / Irish / anywhere in the World dentistry association, the local council, your local MP, and even the health ministry.
Try saying the above statement to your dentist and watch in amazement as he hands over your x-ray.

If you absolutely cannot get an x-ray, or are worried about upsetting your dentist (and you will believe us) - then don't worry - you can get the x-rays done here, but it does help the Czech dentists in being able to offer you a more exact annalists and cost quote if they get your x-ray before you plan your dental treatment in the Czech Republic.
If the dentists here can't see your x-ray pre hand, then don't expect some exact analisys and dental plan long distance and you'll have to get these once you arrive.

Send the treatment details you got from your dentist to us via
e-mail to.

X-rays, as mentioned above, are useful if you can get them ... but:
If you are sending x-rays then please format them into .jpg format and do not send 20 MB of file.
A .jpg file should not be larger than 600k.

If you also manage to zip the file before e-mailing it - you will automatically qualify for a few glasses of a 14 year old Slivovitz once you arrive in Kromeriz or Zlin as our sign of appreciation that you did not make us download your x-rayed jaw image for a whole afternoon.

If you can't get hold of a digital version of the x-ray to e-mail, but can get the negative x-ray directly - we will e-mail you a postal address where to send it to.

Also please include the probable/plausible dates when you think you would like to arrive in Kromeriz or Zlin.

And if you have read the dental services description page you will have noted that some treatments can be done right away, others may need a wait of 3 to 4 days between the first and second session and others may include a healing period of up to 3 to 5 month (mainly dental implants).
So do plan your visit or more visits accordingly.

Also ...please make sure that YOU understand any gobbledygook your dentist has written down for you concerning your dental treatment requirements before sending us a list of dental treatment in Latin.

If this is not crystal clear to you -
how do you expect us to understand it ?
And no - a professionally written dental plan by a UK dentist may not be crystal clear to another dentist elsewhere even in the UK let alone the Czech Republic.

Pete will pass these details on to one of the dentists and will get a probable appointment date and more important, the treatment time needed for your visit and also a cost estimate if you are not absolutely clear on the costs from our dental costs section.
Also any remarks or suggestions from the dentists will also be translated and this information will then be e-mailed back to you. (and so on)

At this stage if you are still with us - we will e-mail you contact details of dental patients who have been here recently so that you can directly ask them about our services, about Pete and above all about the quality of dental treatment in the Czech Republic.

Once you have been mailed back confirming the treatment with a probable appointment date - you can mail us confirming your intent on coming to Kromeriz or Zlin (depends on which dentist is available - all are top class dentists) and we will confirm your intended arrival with the dentist in question and your appointment is booked.
We will then also assist you with accomodation arrangements and with your travel from the airport to here.

Please remember that the dental appointment organization fee of
Euro 235 (Czech Crowns 6.600 / UK pounds 161 ) is payable after your first dental treatment visit has been completed and you are happy with all services received and those you will presumably still receive.
( if anyone has a better idea for a client side 'disclaimer' do let me know -- Pete)

This is the ONLY way to inform us (and the Czech dentists we work with) of the exact details of any dental treatment you might need.

If you send us an e-mail with just a generic description such as 'I need some crowns', you will not receive a reply.

Our phone number for direct contact is:
00420 - 606 890 501
This number is active from:
13:00 pm onwards
each day including the week-ends.

If you have not read the information about our services and dental treatment costs and treatment descriptions on this website you will be wasting yours and our time if you just phone up for a quote or other information which has been painstakingly included in these dental pages on this website.
Feel free however to give us a ring to speak to a human being and just to check out that we really do exist.

The dentists in Kromeriz and Zlin do not hike prices.
Prices of treatment are those stated in our price section and if you know exactly what needs to be done - then you can easily work out the cost for yourself using our dental costs and dental treatment in the Czech Republic.

Sometimes the dentist here will add a suggestion or two but this is then up to you.
For example, one Scottish patient came to have two ceramic crowns done where he had two teeth needing the crowns but a gap between them - and the dentist told him that he could have a three crown bridge done instead in the same time period but with an additional cost of 100 Euro.
Basically nearly the same as having 3 separate crowns.
The patient thought this a great idea to fill in the missing tooth-gap and had not even considered it as his local dentist had told him that doing this would mean too much fiddling around and would cost a fortune.

So he left Kromeriz with 3 new teeth instead of only two with one hole less in his smile.

Cost for treatment or dentist time ?
For dental work in Kromeriz and/or Zlin, the costs are for the work done and not for any time spent in doing it.
So if a crown takes 2 appointments or 5 - you still pay the listed price for 1 crown and not the extra dental work and time needed.

In general - for any dentistry work done in Zlin / Kromeriz - from fillings to crowns or implants - the cost is up to 5 times cheaper than if done in the UK, Scotland. Ireland, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc.

In Prague, dental treatment costs are at least three times as much as in Kromeriz or Zlin.

It's your choice and teeth and with all the information on this web site you could probably fly to Prague, rent a car and drive 100 km out of Prague to the next largest town and find a decent dentist all on your own.
But even Czech dentists have booked out schedules so you may get a surprise if you just turn up at any dentist.

That's why we now work with four dentists and we can get you an appointment within 2 week's notice.

To start booking a dental appointment using our organization service for Zlin and Kromeriz, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE THOROUGHLY READ THESE CZECH DENTAL INFORMATION PAGES ...
e-mail us your information and possibly an x-ray - in either english, german, italian, spanish (also czech if inclined to do so) :


This procedure above is the ONLY way to inform us (and the Kromeriz and Zlin dentists) with the exact details of any dental treatment you might need.

If you send us an e-mail with just a generic description such as 'I need some crowns', you will not receive a reply.

Sorry folks - this must be repeated due to the fact that we are inundated with requests for treatment from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc... and do not have time in explaining via e-mail what you should have read on this website concerning prices, costs and treatments available --- so here we repeat:

If you have not taken the time to read the Czech dentist's dental treatment prices - and ask us what a crown costs - we will not get back to you

If you have not read from top to bottom this dental treatment faqs page (this page you are reading now) - and do not follow the procedure described - we will not get back to you.

If you are unable to state crystal clear what dental treatment you need and just e-mail us your local dentist's assessment - which is usually written in Latin - or clever dental speak to confuse the patient and to charge extra - we will not get back to you.

And - be warned - we are especially allergic to international patients who think they are God's gift to mankind - or to our service and even to Czech dentists - and send in arrogant e-mail requests under the belief that we are some sort of servitude from a third world country and that they have a right to receive our assistance.

Requests of this sort will be trashed faster than the eye can blink.

[ we ignore about 25% of all requests we receive due to these above stated misconceptions that some people seem to have ]

Now count to 3000 and please go back
and read the sections you skimmed previously.