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Dental treatment organization services in Zlin and Kromeriz.

The main reason why this website: came into existence.


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Dental treatment in Zlin and Kromeriz
the Zlin region - Moravia

This website offers direct contact to Dental surgeries, dentists, implantology specialists, dental labs and dentist studios throughout the Czech Republic and the reason for the birth of this website is simply because our own direct dental treatment appointment organization services have become so much in demand, that from a simple helpful service which started off by coincidence from another of our websites (see below) where one or two patients would come to Kromeriz to get their teeth repaired - it has all turned into a larger than we could ever cater for demand.

So what we have hoped to achieve is to distribute the whole demand by international dental patients throughout the Czech Republic and not only have it limited to Zlin and Kromeriz.

And despite the fact that we have done our utmost to include only those dentists and dental specialists who are in fact able to cater for international clientele offering top dental treatment standards but with a huge costs saving difference if compared to dental treatment in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Scotland etc. we still offer our direct dental treatment organization service in Zlin and Kromeriz and on this page you can read all about it.

The bottom line is that if you have dental treatment done in Zlin or Kromeriz - you are organized from the moment you send us your e-mail request for dental treatment to the very end and post treatment if necessary.

If you have treatment done elsewhere in the Czech Republic, then you should use this service description which follows as a guideline and should try and obtain the same or similar from the dentist elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

NEW! Verify us.
As of July 2005 - we now let prospecting dental patients have e-mail and phone contact details to some of the many patients who have already been in Kromeriz or Zlin and have received dental treatment.

Once we feel that you are seriously intent on coming over for dental treatment - which means you have e-mailed us decent details and followed the instructions on our faq's page - we will e-mail you various contacts to past patients via which you may check us out directly from the horses patients mouth. (sorry - couldn't resist)

So if you believe that the Czech Republic is a backward country, that we may be a con set up, or that we have 2 heads and three legs - you can verify us through this means.

General information about our dental
treatment appointment organization service

This page contains vital information concerning our dental treatment organization services and about the dental services situation in the Czech Republic. You SHOULD read this page so as to understand the how come, why, when and the how and also the how much.

Especially if you have any doubts whatsoever concerning getting dental treatment in the Czech Republic - Zlin or Kromeriz and about a dental treatment organization services such as ours.

If you read this page you will be wiser.
After all, I myself [ Pete ] wouldn't put my teeth in someone else's 'hands' without being absolutely clear on what they were offering and why.

Lower down you will find links to the COMPLETE dental treatment services and their costs in Kromeriz and in Zlin but please do read what follows.

Where is Zlin and Kromeriz ?
Kromeriz is 200 km from Vienna, 290 km from Prague and there are direct cheap (Ryanair) flights to Brno airport from Stanstead (UK) and elsewhere from Europe - and Brno is only 60 km distant from Kromeriz.Zlin is about 35 km distant from Kromeriz so just add 35 km to the distances above.

How did all this start ?
My own case story on how I got my teeth repaired in Kromeriz and saved a fortune (and then moved to the Czech Republic) ... and a lot of other rubbish that won't interest anyone except those who might be basing their dental treatment in the Czech Republic on what I tell them

Something about myself:
My mother is of Czech origin (we emigrated to London in 1968) and my father is English - and I was brought up in London, and then in Southern Italy where we moved to in 1974 - but have traveled the world throughout most of my teenage and adult life (living in Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, the UK.) so I guess by now I'm more European than english.

The web site was initially created for pleasure and hobby since I, first came to Kromeriz in 1998 with my then girlfriend Simona to visit some friends and by chance we also got our teeth done.
This was mainly a sort of back to my roots journey as my Grandfather came from Kromeriz.

During this first visit to Kromeriz we took the opportunity to visit a dentist for a simple check up and a cost quote for some dental work both of us knew would have to be done sooner or later on our teeth.

We were then living in Italy and were dreading not only the work itself that needed doing - but especially the Italian dental costs and ages it would take to get done.

The result of the Kromeriz dental exploratory visit was an extended stay to 11 days during which both Simona and myself visited the dentist almost twice a day - each and every day - to have the 'work' done in record time and at very accessible costs.

Between the two of us we had:
4 porcelain crowns,
2 reconstructed teeth,
9 fillings,
plaque removal,
partial paradontosis gum treatment
teeth polishing
x-rays / local anaesthetic etc.

Elsewhere in Europe the time needed for all this drilling and filling would have been at least 3 months (UK) to 1 year (Italy) and the average cost for example in Italy for this type of work in 1998 would have been around Euro 4000 upwards.

In Kromeriz this was all done in 11 days and the overall cost came to
Euro 600. Lock, stock and new teeth.

[ I have since found out that in the UK and Ireland the average cost of 1 crown is about £550 (800 Euro)
In Kromeriz or Zlin a crown will cost a maximum of 270 Euro / UK Pounds 189.
Depends on what type and how complicated the procedure may get.
I'm no maths wizard but that's less than a third of the UK costs according to my calculator and if you're having say 5 crowns done, then you save £1,800+.
Work it out for yourself if you can add up better than I can.]

And to my absolute horror and partial amusement - apparently an implant in the UK or Scotland can cost Euro 2500 upwards (in Kromeriz and Zlin Euro 1256 / UK Pounds 885)

Anyway... I liked the town of Kromeriz so much that ensued.
And Simona and myself were so pleased with the dental treatment we received, especially the cheap dental costs that I initially put up our 'teeth repair' experience in the Czech Republic on that site as a sort of teeth repair travel journal.
(Modesty aside - it was I who invented Blogs back in 1999 !)

Then our friends from Italy and the UK started going to Kromeriz to get their teeth repaired too and we began to receive requests from people from all over the world who found the teeth pages through search engine searches.

[ In, the summer of 2005, we had patients from New Zealand (I'm not kidding), Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. ... which doesn't say much for dental services and costs in other countries.
In the last week of August 2005 alone, we had 6 individual dental patients in Kromeriz, 2 from Ireland, 2 from the UK and two from Italy.
As of end October 2005 we receive an average of 10 dental patients per month and more are requesting our service every day ]

Slowly I came to the conclusion that it would be a pity not to tell the world all about 'it' - and have since then expanded our 'teeth pages' to what they are today on and as of October 2005 this site
[ I moved to the Czech Republic in 2002, and now live between Zlin and Kromeriz with my Czech girlfriend.]

Some information about Czech Dentists :
Having myself experienced various european dentists in Germany, Spain, Uk, Italy, Switzerland and also those of the Czech Republic, I have found most to be pretty good.
[ 2005 - I have since changed my mind on UK dentists from what I keep hearing from UK dental patients who have been over here.
My old dentist in London near St Pauls - in 1979 (when I was back in London to do my A levels) - was a great dentist and so was his surgery and all was done on the NHS, but the news I keep getting now is that all this has changed and that most dentists in the UK today have now become private clinics and that now it's all about money, racing horses and a new Porsche every year ]

A good dentist is (or should be) a good dentist in most civilized countries. But each good dentist has his good or exaggerated price and short or very long work spans for getting the job done.

Recently, one dental visitor from London told me that in the UK the procedure in getting a tooth repaired is as follows:
You fix an appointment with a dentist and then 3 months later you go to that appointment.
Your dental plan is made and your next appointment is made for 9 months later.
9 months later you finally go to get your dental treatment and if by then the tooth has not fallen out - it is extracted.

Sure - this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there again probably not by much.

Saving money but getting top quality
dental treatment with Czech Dentists

Czech dentists operate under stringent, top European and worldwide standards and are easily compared to USA, German, British, Spanish, Italian and Swiss dentists in all aspects - apart from the costs and times.

For a fraction of the price in a much shorter time span - in Kromeriz and now in Zlin too, you can have your teeth repaired, get fillings done, have crowns set or have implants and even more complicated work such as bone grafts done whilst enjoying a short holiday and saving a fortune on your UK etc. dental bills.

If you have teeth problems and have been quoted a fortune by your local dentist for the work to be done and done in a longer time period - then you might consider a trip to Zlin or Kromeriz.

The money and bother you will save are unequaled anywhere else.

By the by - our services are exactly those as here reported and you may be surprised to find out that the living standards, health care, education levels and general day to day living in Moravia is not that of Ukrainia.

I purposely used the word Ukraine because that is the first thing that comes to mind to most unraveled people when they hear about Czech dentists. (Poor Ukrainians, and personally nothing against them )

Well, I have news for you.
Kromeriz and Zlin are about as civilised as any average 30.000 / 150.000 inhabitant town, (and so is Kiev) with cable internet connections being the norm and not the exception, a great health care service and above all - good dentists with very affordable but expert dental services.
Kromeriz and Zlin are just a 90 minute cheap
Ryanair flight from Stanstead (UK) all year round.

Examples of treatment done in Zlin and Kromeriz:1)

In 2003 someone had work done in Kromeriz which basically involved reconstructing all the upper teeth with implants (riveting base structure to the jaw bone) to hold the new metal ceramic teeth structure.
This came to cost Euro 4000.
Elsewhere in Europe a similar 'job' would have cost around Euro 20.000.

A friend of mine from Switzerland had one implant done between August 2004 and January 2005.
This involved a first exploratory visit with x-rays to decide which titanium bolt (the implant) and what size and thickness to use.
Also the titanium bolt was then ordered directly from Sweden (stocked in Prague )
The bolt could have been inserted during the first visit but due to my friend's working schedule he had to remand it to another date.

The second visit involved inserting the chosen titanium bolt.
This was done under local anaesthetic and took 30 minutes.
The gum where the tooth was missing was cut open, a hole drilled in the jawbone and the titanium bolt screwed in.
The gum was then stitched with self-disolving stitches (4 stitches) so he could go back to Switzerland and not have to go there to a dentist to have the stitches removed.

As this was the upper jaw, a 5 month healing period was required between the bolt insertion and the ceramic tooth placement.
5 months later on the third visit - on a Monday the implant was checked out, a cast was taken of the upper teeth to make the porcelain tooth and the implant was prepared for the tooth to be placed onto it.
Basically a small cylinder is placed around the protruding bolt to make room around it for the new tooth.
The tooth was then made and was ready to be cemented onto the titanium bolt the same week on the Friday.

The whole process of 3 visits, dental work and top material - the titanium bolt - cost a total of Euro 750.
In Switzerland my friend was quoted Euro 3000.
In Prague this same treatment would cost nearly twice as much as in Kromeriz, so about Euro 1500, which is still half of the Swiss quote .. but is still Euro 750 more than in Kromeriz.

In August / September 2005, we had 15 different dental patients between Zlin and Kromeriz and one of these was a lady from the UK who was terrified of any dental treatment on this planet.
She left the dentist in Zlin on her last dental appointment with tears in her eyes, still incredulous that the treatment was nowhere near as unpleasant as she had been getting up till then in the UK, and that the dentist saved 8 of her teeth which in the UK she had been told had to be extracted.

So going by the treatment Simona and I myself received, or the examples quoted above, it must be pretty obvious that even going over to Kromeriz or Zlin several times, there is much money, time and bother to be saved.

Want to compare dental repair costs ?
You can have some fun and check this USA dental costs calculator out for yourself.
( costs/)

This is a dental services cost calculator for the USA.
Amazing, and in my next life I want to be an N.Y. City dentist!

Why is dental work so professional but
then still so cheap in the Czech Republic ?
Especially outside of Prague ?

It's professional because if the communists were good at one thing - it was providing top medical services to the people.
This aspect has gotten even more professional since the comrades got thrown out in 1989 and in the last 16 years Czech dental services have caught up to match if not to better all the latest technology available elsewhere like in the USA and rest of Europe.
[ One of the dentists we work with (in Zlin) has a mini mouth camera and a monitor above the dentist's chair and will be happy to show you around your mouth where every nook and cranny and the state of your teeth is visible on-screen ].

Cheap dental repairs ?
Actually it's not that it's cheap - it's just that these are the local rates. Someone such as a teacher in Kromeriz, who earns about Euro 350 a month can't be expected to pay Euro 700 for a single porcelain crown can they ?
International patients pay local prices.

Oh and by the by, the local inhabitants of Kromeriz and Zlin pay the same price for implants as international dental patients and this is so because the Czech health insurance companies do not see an implant as a necessary item included in the health plan so the Czechs have to pay for implants out of their own pockets.
You pay the same - or at least in Kromeriz and Zlin you do.
[ in Prague you don't and pay much more]

Dental services you may expect to receive in Zlin and Kromeriz.

We now work with three dentists:
One in Zlin and two in Kromeriz.
The Zlin and Kromeriz dental practices
will undertake the following dental treatments:

• Ceramic Crowns
• Metal ceramic crown Bridges
Dental Implants (Branemark and other Swedish implant systems, and now also Ankylos and Straumann of German production )
• Faceted Crowns
• Porcelain Veneers
• Root canal treatment
• Bleaching - cosmetic treatment,
• Laser whitening
• Amalgamate filling with local anaesthetic
• Photocomposit filling with local anaesthetic
• Photocomposit
build up
• Simple extraction
with local anaesthetic
• Complicated extractions
• Prostheses (False teeth),
• Partial Prostheses (partial false teeth you dummy)
• Paradontosis treatment
• Anti - Bruxism protection
• General exploratory visit
• Plaque cleaning and removal
• Oral X-ray and analysis
• Panoramic X-ray and analysis

• Dental Surgery
• Bone graft
• Sinus lifting

See links lower down for exact
explanation and costs of each treatment.

So what do I get out of all of this ?
Do I make any money ?
Do I exploit people who need professional
but cheap teeth repairs ?

Click link to be bored stupid:
Something about how I make a living

It really is pretty boring - but might help you go figure.

So is our dental treatment services
organization in the Czech Republic for free ?

..... and yes ... here comes the SMALL TEXT....

Due to the overwhelming demand for dental treatment in the Czech Republic - Kromeriz and now also in Zlin... and due to the utmost care and organization details that either myself or Carla put into getting dental appointments organized for international patients in the Czech Republic, as of May 2005 we have come up with a plan where everyone is happy:

To organize a dental treatment appointment in
Kromeriz and Zlin the usual scenario is as follows:

We receive a request via e-mail.
I filter this and evaluate if it is a sincere request for dental treatment or a time waster.
( i.e. someone who requests false teeth made of diamonds is a time waster. )

Once filtered, and if judged as sincere, the request is translated into Czech and emailed to one of the dentist or I or Carla go personally to that dentist to evaluate the request.

The dentist tells us / e-mails us back with possible appointment dates and any technical questions he might have concerning the request.
Quite often this will also involve several phone calls between ourselves and the dentist and quite often even the patient.
[ When we receive an x-ray from a prospecting patient, Carla also takes it to one of the dentists who analyses it, prepares a dental plan, cost quote and probable appointment schedule ]

During this stage - you - the prospecting dental patient get a list of contact details of patients who have been over here recently and you can e-mail or phone these persons to ask them anything you like about me, our service or about the dentists and the quality of their work.

We then email the patient back either confirming that the treatment is viable or with the translated technical questions from the dentist.
This goes on until both parties, the patient and the dentist know what each will have done / will be doing.

Usually one or two e-mails between the prospecting dental treatment patient and ourselves are enough but sometimes it can be 5 to 10 emails for sorting out the details.
(Once it was 35 e-mails - Hi Kevin)

Then the dentist gives his ok and the patient confirms he's coming.
We then organize his taxi pick-up if requested at Prague, Brno or Vienna airport.
It's much cheaper to send a taxi from Kromeriz then get taken to the cleaners by Brno or Prague Taxi drivers.
Also - our very faithful taxi driver Mr. Lehky will wait for hours if necessary (flight delay) and not charge extra.
Check out our Czech taxi airport pickup costs for
Prague, Vienna and Brno

Or we send detailed information on public transport from Prague, Brno or Vienna to Kromeriz / Zlin (train or bus) to the patient.
We then book his accommodation.
We welcome the patient upon arrival in Kromeriz or in Zlin at his hotel or pension.
We take him to the dentist on his first visit.
We organize transport in the Kromeriz / Zlin area for sight seeing if required and give him a complete map and itinerary with what to do in her/his spare time between dental sessions, and basically the patient feels welcome and at home.

I myself am reachable via mobile phone all the time (24 hours a day) in case the patient has any questions or needs.
...and quite often we actually spend time with the visiting patient during his stay showing him/her/them around and even going on a night clubbing tour with them - which is amusing and a great distraction from the drilling and filling (drilling at the dentist you joker!)

Also, during a patient's stay we keep in touch via phone with them quite often and also directly in person if needed, booking taxis, restaurants and in general just 'being there' - and phone calls and petrol do not grow on trees over here.

We also now give dental patients a Czech mobile phone sim card with 30 Euro credit which they can use for their phone calling when over here (up to 90% cheaper than using your own UK etc, phone rates)
Before the patient leaves he just pays for the credit he has used up.

Sounds easy ?
When the patient doesn't require us to contact the dentist 10 times, changes his arrival date in the last second and does not want to bring his mother-in law and grandmother last-minute style for even more dental repairs - it's easy.

Otherwise more e-mails and phone calls are involved between us and the dentist and so on.
And all this work is mainly done by myself, but Carla also helps out in the organization details (hotel bookings, shopping arrangements, x-rays to the dentist etc.) and our taxi driver Mr Lehky also des his bit.

In August 2005 we had a patient who fell asleep with his contact lenses still in - got an eye infection and Mr Lehky spent the whole next morning with him at a Kromeriz oculists (I was in Zlin).

I also supervise over the proceedings, keep count of all arrivals and appointments and give assistance where needed.

So we now operate under the following conditions.
Everything is organized as stated above and only after your dental treatment when you are done and content you pay an organization fee of Euro 235 (Czech Crowns 6.600 / UK Pounds 161).
This is a one time fee for our organization service and includes all of the above.
If you come in a group, for example two persons.
then the organization fee is
Czech Crowns 9.900 / Euro 353 / £ 241
three persons
Czech Crowns 13.200 / Euro 471 / £ 321
and 4 persons
Czech Crowns 16.500 / Euro 589 / £ 402 .

This fee is payable after your first visit to the dentist during which you get a panoramic x-ray, a detailed examination, the dentist with you prepares the dental treatment plan, the timeline within which to do the treatment and you get a very accurate cost quote for all the treatment to be done (same as our price list on this website).

If you are by any chance not satisfied, or have a change of mind, you don't pay the organizational fee.

Never happened up to now but seems a fair guarantee for anyone who might be thinking that this might be some sort of fiddle.

And believe me, when we go out with the patients for meals, we pay for ours ourselves, the same for club visits, golf games, etc there is not much left of the 235 Euro so basically it's more like expenses money than a real income.

I make my real income as explained here.

Every patient who has been over here has told me that this is cheap in comparison to what they receive and that's why the fee used to be €200 and is now € 235.

And if you save thousands of pounds on your dental treatment costs and get it all done in 10 days or two weeks, then this fee is pretty nominal.

[ However - having myself survived poorer days when money was short and life was hell - if anyone can reasonably convince me that they really are without money and have only so much to pay for the dental treatment - this means that you must be very poor indeed - I will offer my services for free. ]

Here are some testimonials of dental patients   who have had treatment in Zlin and Kromeriz.

Still with me ?
(and I can be even more boring over a good glass of REAL Slivovitz ... which my dentist recommended as the best painkiller after having a tooth extracted.)
... but do read the rest please.

Interpreting services from Czech to English
and from English to Czech:

The dentists we work with all speak reasonable English and I myself will accompany you on your first visit, to translate, introduce you and to make sure everyone is clear on what everyone is going to be doing / having done - and this is included in the organization fee.

If this first visit is at 7 in the morning or other inhumane time - you owe me one czech beer (which costs 50 cents) to make the shock of getting up so early less painful for me.

I myself speak English, Italian, German, Czech and Spanish, so I can take care of most visitors. If you feel that you would like me to be present at the other dental visits during your stay - then I charge 10 Euro per hour for interpreting and my time.
This is not necessary but some patients chose to have it this way.
90% of dental patients who have been here have managed perfectly on their own at the dentist after the first introductory visit.

If, by chance the dentist needs me to translate something more technical to you or to better explain some part of the treatment at a later visit -then I will come to the next dental visit and translate free of charge.

Get it ?
Hopefully, you the prospective dental patient looking for good but cheap dental treatment in the Czech Republic now understand the mechanics - or the 'human logic', behind our dental treatment assistance services.Obviously, if you can organize your own interpreter or contact person who knows dependable dental services in the Czech Republic, who in turn should be able to get you dental treatment appointments with them - then you are wasting your time in reading the rest of the dental treatment section of this web site.
Or - and this was also the reason for creating this site - find a dentist elsewhere in the Czech Republic via the Czech dentists directory on this same site.

How can you get your teeth repaired in
the Czech Republic in Kromeriz or in Zlin ?

You could just turn up on your own in Kromeriz or Zlin, or any other similar sized town throughout the Czech Republic, find a Czech dentist and hope he can fit you in but we do suggest having someone who speaks Czech with you and in getting an appointment and cost quote well in advance of your just turning up.

And please remember, Prague dentists are at least
three times as expensive as those in Zlin and Kromeriz.

But just turning up is NOT ADVISABLE.
Simply because like other European dentists, Czech dentists have their appointment schedules which are pretty tight and just turning up after coming all the way from Australia to only be told to come back in 6 weeks would be a shame.

This is why we in Zlin and Kromeriz now work with three dentists who in turn have two separate dental labs to make the crowns and bridges for them so that we can get you an appointment within one week's notice.
For emergencies - even tomorrow if you can get here so fast.
In fact two of the dentists have a direct in-house dental lab directly in their surgery premises.

The correct procedure in getting an appointment in Kromeriz or in Zlin with the dentists and eventually having dental treatment done is as follows:

First of all check out our czech dental treatment section - and the costs of each dental treatment - and the time needed for each type of dental treatment:
Price list of Czech dental treatment

Read our czech dental treatment appointment organization service FAQ page.
The Faq page offers details on how to go about getting a dental appointment in either Zlin or Kromeriz.