Dental Testimonials from international dental patients who have been in Zlin & Kromeriz for dental treatment

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Zlin and Kromeriz Dental Patients

Testimonials of dental patients who have been to Zlin or Kromeriz for dental treatment.


Testimonials from dental treatment patients who have
used our direct dental treatment organization
service available for Zlin and Kromeriz.


Are you kidding ?
Or do you believe everything you read on the internet ?

Testimonials with maybe a photo and signed 'John Miller' ?
Testimonials my left foot !

Personally, I NEVER take a testimonial seriously, be it on the web,
spam, direct mailing, catalogues, brochures, TV advertising etc.

So why would I want to presume that prospecting dental patients to the Czech Republic would take any testimonials on this site seriously ?
I wouldn't.

Testimonials are a Catch 22.
They could be invented and nobody would take them seriously
They could be absolutely true - and nobody would take them seriously.

So I'm not going to waste my time in putting up true testimonials here as I know that anyone with some common sense would be advised NOT to take them seriously in any case.

What follows is a mix of what I have actually had people say to me whilst or after they have been here, had teeth repaired and saved a fortune.

How can you be absolutely sure that these
dental treatment heresay testimonials are true ?
You can't.

But if you do start the procedure of getting a dental appointment over here through our services, as mentioned elsewhere - you will receive contact details of patients from all over the world who have been here, have met me, had their teeth done and went away satisfied and you can contact these people and ask them anything you like.

And they may even confirm some of the following jewels of what dental patients who have been to Kromeriz have said to me:

"Pete is absolute top class, like a mother goose organizing her little geese so that they all walk in line, don't fall down the manhole and get their teeth repaired."

"You should be charging more for your services"
(I took this advice literally)

" The taxi pickup at the airport was perfect, we got to Kromeriz and Pete was there to welcome us, took care of us for a whole week and the dentist was much better than we could have hoped"

" After Zlin - I will never, never, never ever go back to a Scottish dentist "

" I saved a fortune on dental work in Kromeriz, had dental treatment done in 10 days instead of 6 months and also had a good time to go with the drilling "

" I hate dentist, I hate their attitude, I hate their bills and I hate their way of treating people, but after my Kromeriz dentist experience, the Slivovitz he offered me after every dental session, the time he took to explain all and each treatment part to me, the painless way he injected anaesthetics, the speedy time in which the lab made my bridge, the 8 am Sunday morning appointment, the new 8 tooth bridge that I got and the money I saved - I now know that the dentists I hated were all from Liverpool"


--Dental Patient during a night of night-clubbing - on the phone:
" Pete, sorry about this, I know it's five o'clock in the morning - but could you get Mr Lehky (our taxi driver) to come and pick me up please ?"
-- Pete: " Duh.... ok, where are ya ? "
-- Dental Patient: " I'm not sure, er... maybe somewhere near Brno ?... or was it Olomouc ?"


--Dental Patient who is on his second and last dental trip to Kromeriz and this is his last day at the dentist before departure:
-- Dentist: " I'm afraid I have to inform you that the latest x-ray reveals a deep infection under one of your molars and although I can do some root canal treatment for you now we won't have enough time to do the crown before you leave tomorrow - so you may want to come back in a few months to get it sorted out "
-- Dental Patient - jumps up in his chair shouting: " Yahooo, I was hoping to be able to get back to Kromeriz for some more fun - and dental treatment "
[ Believe it or not - this happened during the first week in December 2005 and I can give this dental patient's e-mail address to anyone who asks as this nutter (actually one of the most fun people we've had over here ) has authorised me to do so. ]

-- On the morning after (and due to decency I'm not going to devulge what 'after' means here:
-- Dental Patient " Pete !!!!. ... what the f*** happened after the 8th glass of Slivovitz last night at that club we went to? Also my socks are missing and I'm sure I had them on earlier in the evening ! "

A great testimonial must be the following:
One patient who has been here several times, has just bought a house (July 2006 ) in Kromeriz. Not because he intends going to the dentist for the rest of his life and his dental treatment was completed in July 2005.
But because he and his girlfriend enjoyed Kromeriz and their dental visit so much, they bought the house as a holiday home and also as a good property investment in the Czech Republic.

But probably the best testimonial might be that a small group of ex-dental patients have created an investment pool with the idea of setting up a reastautant / pub / piano bar in Kromeriz for themselves and future dental patients.
All these people think that investing in something like this in Kromeriz is a great investment, not only to get back the initial investment after a couple of years, but also to create a place for international patients who come to Kromeriz to get their teeth repaired.
Probable opening date of THE CLUB will be start 2007.

And this list could go on forever.
So please don't blindly believe testimonials but be aware that if you come over to Kromeriz or Zlin to get your gnashers repaired, maybe your own testimonial, or your appreciation of our services that you have personally communicated to me may one day appear on this very same page and then at least you will know that your 'testimonial' was true.

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