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  Useful information about dentists
offering dental treatment outside of Prague:
Czech dentists outside of Prague are just as good as dentists working in Prague. The main differences between getting dental treatment outside of Prague as opposed to directly in Prague city are the following:

Advantages of getting dental treatment outside of Prague:

1 ] Dental treatment in other Czech towns is much cheaper than even in Prague and can be up to 3 times as cheap.
For example - a dental implant in Prague can cost Euro 1800 upwards.
In Zlin or Kromeriz an implant costs a maximum of Euro 900.

2 ] Most other Czech cities and country towns are cheaper than Prague, and this includes accommodation, restaurants and shopping so you not only save more on the dental treatment but also on your hotel bills, restaurant meals and shopping in general. And this also includes taxis - which are far cheaper in other towns other than Prague where basically they take you to the cleaners every time you get into one.

3 ] Most locations in the Czech Republic are easily reached by train, busses or taxis and there are even cheap Ryanair flight to Brno all year round (the Moravia region at the other end of the Czech Republic).

4 ] If you are coming to the Czech Republic to get dental treatment it would be a pity not to visit Prague but you can still do this between dental visits by taking a 2 day trip to Prague and then going back to your 'dental town'

5 ] Prague is probably the most beautiful city in Europe, but many other Czech towns don't do badly either as far as sights, services, attractions and entertainment.

6 ] Dentists operating outside of Prague have much less busier schedules and this means they have more time to dedicate to you.

Disadvantages of getting dental treatment outside of Prague:

1 ] Getting from Prague to other Czech towns is obviously a bit more of a hassle than just from the Prague airport to a Prague hotel.
But a train or bus ticket will cost you about 10 Euro to most destinations, and a taxi trip through half the Czech Republic can cost about Euro 150 so you have various options on reaching your final outside of Prague destination. (Ryanair flies to Brno (Moravia) all year round)

2 ] Not all of the dentists operating in the smaller Czech towns speak english or german. So you would have to get an interpreter, or rely on one organized by the dentist. The three dentists we work with in Zlin and Kromeriz all speak decent english.

3 ] Czech towns in general are quiet and peaceful places and although restaurants, discos, bordellos and general sight-seeing are available in most ... it is pretty quiet.
So if you need the hustle and bustle of real night life, and thousands of free-time options, then you won't find as many of them outside of Prague.

4 ] Don't expect to find any fancy French cousine or fresh sea fish dishes being server outside of Prague.
The food is good outside of Prague but does tend to be more standard Czech - German type of cousine.
On the other hand you can find some of the best and cheapest local made wines, home made food and genuine local prepared dishes which you might not find in a 5 star Prague restaurant - and eating out in other Czech towns is dead cheap.

In a nutshell:
Getting dental treatment outside of Prague can be a bit more hassle getting there, and the city lights might not be as bright as those of Prague itself - but if you are reading the information on this dental treatment web site presumably your goal is to get professional dental treatment but also to save a fortune.
This can be accomplished only outside of Prague.

Check out our direct dental treatment assistance service in Zlin and Kromeriz for just a sample of what you can expect outside of Prague as far as dental treatment and costs are concerned.


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