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To give you a basic idea of what some
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Czech Dental
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Dental Implants :
The cost of dental implant done in the Czech Republic includes analysis and x-rays to decide how long and wide an implant should be, implantation surgery and fitting of implant, insertion of the healing abutment, then the definitive abutment and the making and fitting of a ceramic crown onto the final implant - in the Czech Republic a dental implant can cost between
o 1.100 to Euro 1.300 / UK Pounds 885 / 950
In most other European countries, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland etc such a dental implant would cost between Euro 2
500 to Euro 3000 and even more.
Ask your local dentist and be amazed when you then compare the costs to Czech dental treatment of dental implants.

Ceramic / porcelain Crowns :
A porcelain crown elsewhere in Europe can cost anything from
Euro 400 to Euro 1200. In the Czech Republic - 1 porcelain/ ceramic crown can cost between Euro 250 to Euro 300 / UK Pounds 175 to 210
and can be fitted in two sessions - usually;
First session - tooth preparation - dental cast
Three days later - Second session - insertion and fitting.

Dental Bridges :
Short or few teeth- Metal ceramic Bridge:
A bridge is when adjacent teeth need crowns but there is still enough of some of the teeth to have a bridge of say 3 crowns made and cemented onto the remaining teeth.
So say you have a missing tooth, and the teeth on either side of the gap are decayed - then the three teeth bridge is cemented onto the two adjacent teeth next to the gap and the middle bridge tooth covers the gap.
Time needed: First day to prepare the teeth for the bridge, cast taken and temporary bridge of teeth inserted. About 2 hours.

3 to 4 days wait for the metal part of the bridge to be made by the lab.

Then second session where the metal bridge is fitted and adjusted to fit perfectly - about 30 minutes.

Then 1 day wait for the lab to smalt onto the metal structure the ceramic teeth and the day after one last session for final permanent cementing and any filing down to ensure a perfect chew. 30 minutes.
Price varies but for example a 3 crown bridge - which means the end result is same as having 3 adjacent crowns done costs
Czech Crowns 21.180
Euro 756
UK Pounds 529

How to calculate the cost of a dental bridge.
Once root canals have been cleaned if necessary, any roots or decayed teeth removed, if necessary glass fibre or metal inlay pins inserted - the cost of a bridge may be calculated as follows.

For every supporting tooth that is still there and acts as a support post for the bridge the crown part of the bridge that fits on top costs:
Czech Crowns 7.590
Euro 271
UK Pounds 190
(same as the cost for metal Ceramic Crowns )

For every tooth that is missing (gone) the intermittent tooth which is also part of the bridge but does not act as a support post and hangs between the other teeth costs
Czech Crowns 6.000
Euro 214
UK Pounds 150

So say you need an 6 teeth bridge where 3 teeth are partially still there and 3 teeth are missing the cost would be :
Czech Crowns 40.770
Euro 1.456
UK Pounds 1.019

Bruxism protector :
A rubber resin removable teeth guard that people who suffer from Bruxism (unconscious gnashing of the teeth during sleep) use during the night, elsewhere like in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Scotland etc this can take a month to be made and can cost Euro 700 upwards.
In the Czech Republic a bruxism protector is ready or the same day or the next day at the latest after your first visit to the dentist.
And cost around Euro 71 / UK Pounds 50

Ceramic Dental Veneers ( dental overlays ) :
One dental veneer - for one tooth - in the Czech Republic
costs Euro
380 / UK Pounds 267

The bottom line in getting cheap teeth repairs (but professional teeth repairs) in the Czech Republic is that if you need more than just a filling - say 2 crowns or 3 fillings or similar - you will save a fortune if you have this done in the Czech Republic as opposed to in your own country.

In the complete dental treatment price list on this site you will find detailed explanations to most dental treatments - how they are done - how long it takes - and also how much they cost.

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