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Useful information about Czech Dentistry :

A good dentist is a good dentist in most civilized countries.
But each good dentist has his good or exaggerated price and short or very long waiting lists and time spans for getting the job done.

Czech dentists operate under stringent, top European and worldwide standards and are easily compared to USA, German, British, Spanish, Italian and Swiss dentists in all aspects - apart from the costs and times.

For a fraction of the price in a much shorter time span - in the Czech Republic you can have your teeth repaired, get fillings done, have crowns set, veneers fitted or have implants and even more complicated work such as bone grafts / sinus lifts done whilst enjoying a short holiday and saving a fortune on your UK etc. dental bills.

If you have teeth problems and have been quoted a fortune by your local dentist for the work to be done and done in a longer time period - then you might consider a trip to the Czech Republic.
The money and bother you will save are unequaled anywhere else.


Quality and standards of Czech Dentists

Czech dentists, sociologists and orthodontists, Prague specialists for oral surgery and any other type of dental treatment services in the Czech Republic adhere to worldwide dentistry standards and are just as good as most European dentists with one main difference:Czech Dentists, albeit skilled dentists, have rates of dental services and dental treatment costs which can be from half as cheap to 70% cheaper than elsewhere in Europe or in the USA.

Apart from the cost saving on dental treatment in the Czech Republic, another advantage of getting your teeth repaired by a Czech dentist is that there are no waiting lists for dental treatment.

Usually you can book a dental appointment with a Czech dental surgery a few days prior to the actual appointment as opposed to waiting for months as in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and elsewhere with other european dentists.


Why is Czech dental treatment so cheap ?

A Czech teacher in an average Czech town can earn around 12.000 czech crowns per month [ Euro 413 ] so how can she be expected to pay Euro 400 for a porcelain crown ?
She can't and most things being relative, even within the dentistry of the Czech Republic and the average Czech wage it must be obvious that the costs for dental treatment a Czech teacher would pay must be relative and on an acceptable scale to his earnings.
Hence a porcelain crown done by Czech or even Prague dentists will cost considerably less than elsewhere like in the UK, Italy, Germany or Switzerland not to mention the USA.
Hence, also the monthly salary of an average but good dentist in Brno for example would be within the range of Euro 500 to Euro 1,300 per month.
Other european dentists probably make this much per patient in one dental session.


Why do Czech dentists offer affordable but
expert dental treatments and dental care ?

As with most specialized medical treatments in the Czech Republic, Czech dentists offer affordable and cheap quality dental treatment but are very skilled dentists indeed.
The same applies for Czech periodontal or pediatric dentistry.

Oral healthcare in Czech Republic is coordinated by the Czech Dental Chamber ( Ceska Stomatologicka Komora – CSK ) and along with the CSK, and other dentistry norms, Czech dentists must adhere to top if not above European standards not only by updating regularly their dental know-how with periodic seminars, but also with practical experience in new dentistry techniques.This is also transported into the implementation of the newest dental technology and the most modern dentistry equipment.


Czech dentists and how they qualify
to be able to offer dental treatment:

Upon qualification, there is a programme of vocational postgraduate training for 24 months, under the guidance of skilled dentists (with a certificate of the Dental Chamber). The training is completed by examination – only then is the dentist able to lead his own dental practice (as a fully licensed dentist). During the training the dentist is a salaried employee. This post-qualification training has a practical part (participant has to fulfil a list of prophylactic, diagnostic and treatment items) and a theoretical part of training (compulsory attendance on recommended courses and lectures).


The bottom line on dentists and
dental treatment in the Czech Republic:

Czech dentists are no longer thought of only as:
'an east european dental treatment solution which costs less but who knows how good the treatment is'.

Today the dental treatment offered in the Czech Republic is renown for it's quality and Czech dentists rate amongst the most qualified dentists worldwide.

This is also why Czech dentists are the most sought after dentists in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, Canada and the USA to fill in the abysmal gaps in their health services where most local dentists have gone completely spoilt by the private sector and refuse to accept national health insurance dental patients.

Medical Examination in the Czech Republic

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