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Useful information about dentists in Prague:

Prague probably has the most concentrated number of dentists in the whole of the Czech Republic who cater to international dental patients and Prague dentists are just as good as any other Czech dentists.

Or perhaps this should be rephrased into: Czech dentists outside of Prague are just as good as dentists working in Prague.

The main differences between getting dental treatment in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic are the following:

Advantages of getting dental treatment in Prague:

1 ] Prague is easily reached by international flights from most parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

2 ] If you are coming to the Czech Republic to get dental treatment it would be a pity not to visit Prague and if you choose a Prague dentist - then visiting Prague will be easy since you are already there.

3 ] Most Prague dentists speak English or German if not both and so you will not really need to get an interpreter.

4 ] Prague is probably the most beautiful city in Europe and has a lot to offer so between a filling or an implant you would be hard pushed to get bored.
Casinos, Theatres, Museums, Old Prague, Prague Castle, pubs, taverns, restaurants, bordellos etc.


Disadvantages of getting dental treatment in Prague:

1 ] Prague dentists are more expensive than outside of Prague.
Expensive as in up to 3 times as expensive as opposed to towns like Olomouc or Zlin or Kromeriz.
As a norm most central Prague dentists will have prices which are about 15% cheaper than UK dentists - so it really isn't all that much of a saving.

[ if going to Prague - then chose a dentist who is not right in the center of Prague ]

2 ] Prague hotels are more expensive than hotels in other Czech towns.
What you may save on not having to travel to another town in the Czech Republic, you will spend on your hotel accommodation and probably three times as much in the least.

3 ] Restaurants, drinks, food, entertainment, shopping is more expensive in Prague then elsewhere.
The average wage in Prague is 150% more than in other Czech towns and this is why services, products and merchandise in the city of Prague are all more expensive.
This is all due to the large influx of international tourists which also contribute to the fact that unemployment in Prague is practically ZERO.

4 ] Prague is pretty quiet compared to London or Berlin - but it still is a busy city, with cars, taxis, buses, and above all noisy tourists.
So if it's peace and quiet that you want, especially when having dental treatment which can extend to a week of a dentist fiddling inside your mouth - you actually might enjoy somewhere more quiet and relaxing like the many countryside towns elsewhere in the Czech Republic (see Kromeriz)

5 ] Prague dentists have a much more busy schedules than dentists elsewhere - due to the amounts of patients they receive both from and outside the Czech Republic - and this could mean that they may not be able to dedicate you as much intensive time as dentists elsewhere.
By this we do not intend in the least that Prague dentists are not professional - they are - but from our own experience we know that the outside of Prague dentists tend to have more time to dedicate both on the actual planning of the dental treatment, it's execution and even post treatment discussions with patients.
This factor may add to the patient feeling more at ease when he knows that the dentists has set aside a whole afternoon only for him and that not another 5 patients are waiting outside in the waiting room.

Having said this ... there are exceptions to this even in Prague and if you check out the Prague dentists section - we hope to have some of these exceptions listed there.

In a nutshell:
Getting dental treatment in Prague can be a little less hassle with all the bells and whistles that the city of Prague has to offer but if you want to save a huge amount of the dental treatment expense - you can only do this by going to a dentist who is at least 90km distant from Prague.

But - some Prague dentists are an exception to the rule.

Check out the Zlin region dental treatment price list so that you can compare these costs to any quotes you may get from a Prague dentist and you will understand what we mean by saving a fortune.


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