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Dentists and dental surgeries available in Prague and the Czech Republic for professional, quality but affordable treatment to international dental patients in search of good dental treatment

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From the many dental patients we ourselves have assisted in getting dental treatment in the Czech Republic we have learnt that the following criteria is crucial when a prospective patient is deciding on whether to have dental treatment in a foreign (ex) 'east european' country such as the Czech Republic.

1. Dental treatment price list
Prospecting dental patients are mainly interested in being able to get a precise price list of dental services.
The link above offers exactly this.
This is a generic but precise price list of dental treatments available from Czech dentists.
The actual pricelist included here is that of the dental services in the Zlin region of th
e Czech Republic where we organize dental treatment for international patients and dentists in other regions may vary their prices slightly but not by much.
Use this Czech dental costs price list to get a good idea of what any particular dental treatment may cost around the Czech Republic.
Be aware though - that dental treatment in Prague costs only about 15% less than in the UK and is nowhere as affordable as elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

2. Quality and standard of dental treatment
We have been offering direct dental treatment organization services for the past three years to international patients from all over the world and once we feel a patient is seriously interested in getting dental treatment with the dentists that we work with (three dentists in Moravia in Kromeriz and Zlin) - we will e-mail the prospecting dental patient a list of contacts (e-mail / phone numbers) of patients from all over the world who have been to the Czech Republic and have received top dental treatment.
There is no better way to find out about Czech dental treatment than to ask someone who has actually had some done.
And although we ourselves can only vouch directly for the dentists that we work with in Zlin and Kromeriz, we can comfortably ascert that dental treatment as a whole in the Czech Republic is of top quality and standards.
Any dentist worth his salt, or dental treatment organization service such as ours should be able to let you have contact details of some of their past patients for you to contact and find out exact details of the service they received.
See our dental services in Zlin and Kromeriz for more details.

3. Minimal appointment waiting list and a fast service
In the UK, to get a dental appointment there is a waiting list and times can be from anything between 2 to 4 months depending on what you need doing.
In Italy the situation is similar but dentists there are prepared to accelerate an appointment schedule if one pays a bit extra (quite a bit extra)
In the Czech Republic, with most dentists you can get an appointment within a period of 3 weeks and if it's an emmergency - even immediately.
[ With our direct orgnization of dental appointments, as we work with three seperate dentists we can organize you an appointment within one week's notice. ]
Not only are dental appointments throughout the Czech Republic made on a fast basis but the dental treatment itself is compressed into the shortest time possible which each treatment allows.

Examples from our own experience.
A lady patient from London arrived in Zlin on a Sunday, had two adjacent implants including a sinus lift inserted on the Monday and she was back in London on Tuesday.
She booked her appointment two weeks before arriving.

Another gentlemen from Scotland came over for 2 crowns.
After the perliminary examination the dentist suggested that as he had intermittent gaps between the 2 crowns - he should get a three teeth bridge.
This change of plan did not prolong the treatment times and the patient left 5 days later with three new teeth (the two crowns with the additional tooth between them on the bridge).
Yet another patient from Manchester spent 8 days going to the Zlin dentist, and this included an appointment at 8 am on a Sunday morning. Just to get his dental treatment completed in time for his flight back to the UK.
Ever heard of a UK dentist that will work on a Sunday morning ?
These examples could go on forever and whereas in the UK, Ireland, Scotland and elsewhere in Europe any slight change of plan means weeks or months of delay not to mention double the expenses - in the Czech Republic the dentists work on a 'pay for the job done and not the time taken' basis.

This means that if one crown takes two appointments or five, the patient still pays just for the one crown at the agreed price (Usually around Euro 200 ) and not the time and x number of appointments the dentist needed to place the crown.

How to get a an appointment with a Czech dentist ?
We ourselves offer direct dental appointment organization services in the Zlin / Kromeriz area which is about 90/65 km from Brno (cheap Ryanair flights fly from Stanstead (UK) directly to Brno and for more information on our direct dental treatment organization service please check out the Dental treatment organization in the Czech Republic section.

If you would prefer to have dental treatment done in other regions of the Czech Republic, and feel you could go about organizing all the details on your own - from the regional Czech dentists list in the left menu - chose the region where you more or less think would be the nearest / nicest for your visit - or go to the main Czech dentists directory map and click on the region you need.
Then click on the various dentist links in that region, read through their introduction page included on this website, go to their website if available and then decide if you wish to contact that dentist directly via e-mail or phone and take it from there.

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