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Apollonia Dental Centre.
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Apollonia dental
centre - BRNO

Bartosova, 6
602 00 Brno

00420 - 545 212 514
00420 - 545 212 516
00420 - 602 557 275

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The Apollonia Dental Centre has been offering its services since 1992.

This longtime experience and operative duration has proved that our philosophy of dental approach is right.

No wonder, the same concept has proved to be right in hundreds of dental centres all over the world.

Alpha and Omega of successful patient care, good teeth, nice smile, a comfortable feeling in the patient's mouth is a common effort of ddentist and patient.
Hence we establish enough time for clear communication from the first contact with our patient.

A new patient usually comes to us with various dental treatment requirements and we eliminate the most irritating problems immediately.

After removing eventual acute teeth problems, we follow up with other treatments if necessary of whatevere the patient needs to repair his teeth and get them to a top dental standard which may be expected.

We always follow the therapeutical plan which has been discussed clearly with the patient beforehand and obviously including the prices of whatever dental treatment is envolved.
Then, either the treatment is spread out in an appropriate time span if necessary or the work is done very quickly - this depends on the agreement between doctor and patient and obviously the patient's needs..

A skilled team of dental assistants works in our Brno laboratory.
They have undergone the demanding dental training, keep well updated with all the news of new technoligies in their branch and increase their knowledge at foreign and domestic study visits.

A high emphasis is put on their qualification, precision, technological discipline and conscientiousness.

The fact that we have a dental laboratory on hand is the obvious and necessary requirement for high-quality dental work. The advantage of our laboratory is that its rooms are placed closely to the consulting rooms, and dental assistants are available anytime, present at any visit of a patient and they directly talk with the patient. They know the patient's wishes, opinions and also the patient's evaluation of their work.

A full spectrum of advanced dental products is directly produced in our dental laboratory.

We produce both aesthetic and gold inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, even for implants, partial dentures including different attachments, retainers and full dentures.

We also have great experience with aesthetic veneers on the front teeth.
Metal-ceramics is made of Vita ceramics, gold (Degudent, Esteticor and Pangold) and non-gold alloys.

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