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Dental Clinic - Breclav
breclav dental clinic

Private Dental Clinc in Breclav
(Moravia - Brno region)

17.listopadu 5
690 02 Breclav

00420 - 519 327 028
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Czech private dental clinic

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Dear friends,
let us introduce ourselves, the philosophy of our work, and inform you about our activities and services provided.

The current dental clinic is a continuation of my own dental surgery which came into existence in Breclav at the beginning of the 90s.

I came back from my six months study stay in Canada where I got the feeling that there was something missing in the Czech dental medicine.

Not only the modern equipment and friendly atmosphere. There were certain professional drawbacks as well. I realized we need to adopt a complex vies of the patient and strive to provide our patients with the maximum and up-to-date health care in all branches of dental medicine. That was one of the reasons why - three years later - I quit my private surgery and enrolled in the postgraduate study programme at the Department of Orthodobtics, Medical Faculty of Palacke University in Olomouc.

After I finished my studies I and my colleague decided to start a dental centre which would provide the patients with the complex dental care at one place.

Dental medicine has been developing rapidly and it is impossible to be well educated and skilled in all the specializations. Therefore, we set up the team of experienced experts.

Each member of the team specializes in a certain branch of dental medicine, continues his/her education in the field and takes part in conferences held in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

However, at the same time all experts and other members of the staff constitute one functional unit. We have achieved successful results in some branches of dental medicine, therefore we regularly publish our works and research and lecture at congresses in the Czech Republic and abroad (see Our Work).

MUDr. Marek and MUDr. Starosta, PhD. work as lectures at Medical Faculty of Palacke University in Olomouc and at other faculties of dental medicine in the Czech Republic.

We can provide you with top quality treatment in most types of dental care. In case a treatment cannot be performed in our clinic we can arrange the therapy at the best departments of dental medicine in the Czech Republic.

Our aim is the interdiciplinary dental medicine as well as the maximum care for our patients.

Of course, the right of a patient to choose a dental specialist is respected - we can provide you with a specialized treatment in our clinic while you still visit your dentist. This is preferred especially in orthodontic patients (see Orthodontics).
Stomatological treatment is generally perceived as one of the most uncomfortable and least popular. We would like to create a pleasant and amiable atmosphere so that your visit at our clinic is not stressful but pleasing for you.

I would like to thank you for your confidence in our team and I hope you will be satisfied with our work.

Keep smiling even in a dental surgery!

On behalf of our staff,
Yours sincerely, MUDr. Ivo Marek


We can ensure accommodation in the magnificent area of the areal Valtice-Lednice (which is the UNESCO sight of historical interest) for the clients of our Dental Clinic coming from outlying places.

The more demanding treatment is not possible to carry out in one day, therefore you can join your visit to our Dental Clionic with great dental treatment holiday !

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