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in Karlovy Vary- Czech Republic

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Karlovy Vary ( Carlsbad) Dentist Klingorova

Karlovy Vary dentist

Start date counter: 15 - 09 - 2006:

Dental Practice KLINGOROVA

Chodska 17
360 20 Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic

00420 - 353 223 177

dental surgery Karlovy VAry

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Dental Doctor Mrs. Alice Mikulcova,

Specialized Stomatology Laboratory

To enhance your look and beautiful smile !

In our Dental Laboratory we can offer you the newest technology available, with many payment options for all our dental services: Bridges
Ceramic replacement
Oral surgery and Treatments

Fullceramic CERAM - firma VITA
Metalceramic OMEGA - VITA
Composite - ESPE
Kombinované práce CEKA, BEGO

Very acceptable Prices.
We speak English, Czech, Russian and German

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