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Millenium Dental Care
Center - PRAGUE

Millennium Plaza
V Celnici 10
117 21 Praha 1

00420 - 221 033 405
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Mo – Fri: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Dental Emergency
00420 - 724 222 255
Sat + Sun: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m


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Dental Services available
Professional Cleanings
scaling, polishing
Fluoride Treatment
protects the biting surfaces of the teeth
Tooth Whitening
It can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades (Brite Smile)

Composites / White/ Fillings
sandwiched technology

Porcelain Laminate Veneers front teeth
Porcelain Inlays/ Onlays lateral teeth
Tooth Recontouring  
Smile Design by computer
Skyce "Diamante smile" - jewel adhesively seized on the front surface of the tooth
Crowns - pure ceramic Inceram Zirconia, goldplatine or metalceramic
Bridges - pure ceramic Inceram Zirconia, goldplatine or metalceramic
Partial Dentures
Full Dentures
Elimination of Cavities
Repair of Fractured Teeth
Oral Surgery
Dental Implants
Other Minor Surgical procedures
Periodontal Therapy
Periodontal specialist for gums surgery
Gum Disease Evaluations
"Deep" CleaningsEndodontics
Root Canal Therapy - thermafill


All procedures are:  
Fast / see results now, not next year
Safe - with maximum hygiene standard
Painless - no pain, local anesthetics for all procedures
Effective - quality dentistry that lasts for years and years
Cost-effective - of course - your investment will have long-term effects
When you leave our office, your smile will be sounder, brighter and perfect

A new revolution in Dentistry  

As the first clinic in the Czech Republic, we would like to introduce you a new therapy concept for caries removal:


With fissure caries, smooth surface caries and also approximal and cervical aries, HealOzone is your first choice from now on. And so your patients' anxiety with regard to a visit to the dentist, the drilling noise and the drilling sensation is also a thing of the past.

Pain-free caries-free  
Caries is in everyone's mouth, many patients are anxious when faced with the drill. Operative caries treatment generally also means removal of healthy tooth substance and consequent damage.
KaVo now offers you and your patient a healthy alternative with which you can eliminate 99% of the pathogens in only 10 seconds completely without drilling and without pain. You also fully preserve the healthy tooth substance.

Ozone therapy in the practice:
* Carious enamel and dentine is ozone-permeable!
* Ozone deactivates 99% of the bacteria.
* Acids from bacteria are thus largely neutralized.
* Reductant fluid neutralizes the residual acids and supplies minerals and fluorides.
* A neutral medium enriched with minerals is now available.
* Minerals can also be added using a patient kit.
* Remineralization process in 4 - 12 weeks. The indications:
* Fissure and pit caries (up to 80% in young people).
* Root and cervical caries (increasing indication in adults)
* Smooth surface caries (good possibilities with HealOzone)

 4 simple treatment steps  
for your success and for caries-free teeth for your patients.

1. Cleaning
We recommend thoroughly cleaning the tooth surface - with KaVo PROPHYflex - at the beginning of the treatment.  
2. Measurement
To check the success during a recall appointment, measure the affected tooth using KaVo DIAGNOdent. Choose a shorter or longer ozone treatment depending on the severity of the findings.  
3. Treatment
Depending on the finding, apply a controlled amount of ozone with KaVo HealOzone to the diseased area. The treatment time can be freely chosen between 10 and 40 seconds.  
3. Reductant Fluid
Promotes the immediate remineralization of the tooth and also eliminates any ozone residues present.

Medical Lasers
to minimize discomfort and accelerate patient recovery

Laser screening system Diagnodent
to detect the cavities

to polish off stains like coffee, tea, cigarettes
Thermafill special root canal therapy with gutta-percha

Therapeutic Laser
Do you suffer with sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers, tanker sores or slow to heal areas? Therapeutic biostimulating laser for non- invasive applications will help you with healing proces, decrese infection and eliminate chronic pain.

Do you mind to have wather in your mouth during dental visit? Our doctors utilize the rubber dam for isolating the teeth that are being treated. This eliminates saliva and the posibility that you could accidentally swallow any foreign material during treatment.

Apexlokator Unique technology, which show us exact lenth of the root canal without X-Ray picture.
U.S. dental hygiene program professional cleaning, to keep your gums healthy
Tooth whitening whiter teeth, in about one hour.

Technology Brite Smile or Opalescence Xtra Boost

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