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Dental Services available
Czech-Up dental prevention offers services based on high standards of American dentistry specifically dental hygiene care.

Providing the most complete periodontal examination in the Czech Republic.

The CZECH-UP exam is designed to save your teeth.
Our preventative program is better than any other program in the Czech Republic because we uphold a standard of care that has high professional expectations regarding your longterm prognosis in keeping your teeth resulting in your overall improved dental health.

The time necessary to provide each patient with the excellence we strive for is reflected in our fees. Every effort has been made to give you the best service at the most affordable fee.

Quality of care comes first.

Our equipment is new and expensive. We use the highest standards for universal precautions against the spread of disease. Plastics and paper products are always disposed and never reused. Sterilization of the surgery and dental instruments is done between every patient.
Gloves are worn for every procedure.
Our hygienist have every comfort necessary to work easily and thoroughly scheduling sufficient time necessary for each patient reflecting in the quality of care you deserve.

* Periodic child and adult exams
* Routine preventative
* Non-surgical periodontal therapy, Subgingival irrigation of actively infected periodontal pockets
* Sealants (applied with ultraviolet light curing system)
* Desensitizing sealant for root surfaces
* Cosmetic teeth bleaching (home system)
* Fluoride treatments

Initial ADULT periodontal examination 1000,- CZK
Time 40 minutes - No scaling of tartar is done until after the initial periodontal examination.

Included in initial examination:
* examination and documentation of periodontal condition (pocket depth measurements)
* visual examination of existing dental work (determine possible areas of decay)
* home care screening and instructions on brushing, flossing and other special aids, includes brush and floss
* blood pressure screening
* nutrition and diet control for healthy teeth
* recommendation of initial or preventative diagnostic x-rays (X-rays are absolutely necessary and required for us to check bone levels related to gum disease)
* recommendations for individualized preventative "plaque removal" or therapuetic "scaling"
* establish into recall system (individualized and routine preventative care visits)

Adult preventative plaque removal - prophylaxis 2000,- CZK
Time 45 - 55 minutes
(healthy gums, no gingivitis, no bleeding and no periodontal pockets deeper than 3mm)

Childrens preventative plaque removal - prophylaxis CHILD
(up to age 13) exam 1500,- CZK
Time 40 minutes - No plaque removal is done until after the initial examination!
Included in initial examination:
* examination of periodontal condition and motivation for long term good home care
* visual examination of existing dental work (determine possible areas of decay)
* home care screening and instructions on brushing, flossing and fluoride use, includes brush and floss
* nutrition and diet control for healthy teeth
* recommendation of initial or preventative diagnostic x-rays (X-rays are absolutely necessary and required for us to check for interproximal decay in virgin teeth, eruption patterns of primary and secondary teeth)
* recommendations for individualized preventative "plaque removal", fluoride treatments and sealants

Professional AIR POLISHING 1000,- CZK
Time 20-30 minutes - for external stain removal. Air, water a special powder are used under pressure to spray off coffee, tea, cigarette, red wine and Cola stains

Tooth bleaching 7000,- CZK
Time 20 minutes
Impressions for custom trays and instructions for bleaching gel

Uncancelled appointment fee (24-hours cancellation is required) 500,- CZK

Our services are provided by licensed US dental hygienist or Czech dental hygienist who have successfully completed our strict training program.

The state required 3-year dental hygiene program the in the Czech Republic graduates the hygienist with a “Diploma in dental hygiene”.

Theoretically it is a “very good” program with the highest level of theoretical information in comparison to dental hygiene programs offered internationally. Practical, meaning clinical competency, requirements of the Ministry of education requires over 500 hours of supervised clinical training.

Hygienist are either sent to private practices or stay at the schools clinic for the practical training. In both situations the level of training is only “fair” and lacks the quality that foreign hygiene programs require to become licensed.
Reasons being that the clinical teachers in the hygiene schools (czech dentist) do not have the experience in proper plaque and tartar removal.

Furthermore, the Czech Ministry of education nor health departments require NO licensing examination in the competency of skills in plaque and tartar removal provided by the “diplomovana dentální hygienistka” and no continuing education requirements.

This leaves the consumer of dental hygiene treatment no means of validation on the hygienist training or qualifications.

This is why at CZECH-UP s.r.o. our Employee Training has strict guidelines and standards.

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